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Welcome to Speed Dating - MyLuckyDate.com

Speed dating is a really unique chance to find special friends by attending 10 or more mini-dates at one place during one event.
Big cities…Millions singles… However in huge crowd of people each person is often lost and almost not recognizable. Tired of dating websites and virtual communications? Do not believe in serious relationship starting at noisy alcohol bars?Welcome to MyLuckyDate!

Traditional blind dates… Lots of awkward pauses…You count down the minutes until it's over. Each speed date lasts a few minutes. Even if one of your mini-dates is boring, the next person may be fun to talk to. We offer you to meet new people not virtually and not at the darkness of bars, but in the real life and in the relaxed atmosphere of romantic dates.

Please choose an event and register.

  Same as you, other people come to our events and pay for them just for an opportunity to meet someone special like you. We offer you multiple mini-dates during each speed dating event!
The most of our guests get matches. We believe you will get your matches too (at least, one match)...

If not, then it’s usually has nothing to do with you: just your potential match did not attend this event. New people come next time, and you will get good chances for lucky matches. Speed dating events are really inexpensive. You will be introduced to 10 or more real people during a couple of hours! Compare prices of any matchmaking services with ours!

Please choose an event and register.

Our events significantly minimize your time spending on searching tons of virtual applications and meeting each person at a time! Instead of ruining your weekends for a date with just one person from dating website and most likely to get disappointed since his/her real appearance and...

personality has nothing to do with his/her online photo and self description, at our events you will get multiple real mini-dates (usually more than 10) during the couple of hours. Help your destiny to bring luck to your life! Do not dream about someone special without acting to meet your special one! The more people you meet, the more events you attend, the more chances for happiness you get!

Please choose an event and register.
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How does it work?

Speed dating is your 4-8 minute conversation with each of our participants of the opposite sex.
About 10-15 ladies meet the same or close to the same number of gentlemen during each event.

MyluckyDate tries its best to reach an equal number of men and women at each single speed dating event.
 However, sometimes a number of men and women may be different (it periodically happens anywhere including events of our competitors).
 In such circumstances, events are still running successfully.  
 We work hard to minimize situations like that, and that is why we ask you to notify us about your inability to attend an event as soon as possible.
 You may be eligible for a ticket’s refund or a credit! To get a refund or a credit please notify us about your inability to attend our event in writing (please do it in advance according to our cancellation policy).
 But even if you notify us about your inability to attend our event the same date (the date of the event) and even if you are not eligible
 for a ticket’s refund or/and for a credit due to the last minutes cancellation, your written notification still may help us to improve an event by notifying
more people about newly available ticket (s). As a part of our appreciation for your written cancellation’s notification prior to an event, we may offer you some discounts for one of our future events.
 But it’s not our obligations and it cannot be requested from us mandatory.


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Attention! About your age and ID

You may be requested to present your State or Federal ID(s) by our events’ host/reps/owners along with your ticket at the venue’s door or inside. Random check of ID(s) is reflected by our policy and established entirely for our customers

benefits: people pay money for tickets to our events expecting to meet other people of the certain age ranges according to events’ posted information. We do not want to ruin our reputation as well as our customers’ expectations regarding this matter. Please respect our rules and be ready to present your ID if requested. If you are younger or older than the age range of the posted event just in 1, 2 or 3 years, then it’s perfectly OK for you to attend this event ( in case if you are at least 21 years old or older). However it’s not OK for you to buy a ticket if you are younger or older in four or more years than the posted age range of the event since you are at risk to be stopped at the doors without letting in. In the situations, when members try to break our rules, they will not get refunds for the tickets and they will not get any credits either.

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Events duration

Each event’s duration is different depending on amount of the members. However please reverse at least 2,5 hours of your time for each speed dating event itself (plus time to arrive and to come home) since in addition to the...

main process of communication with events’ members, our host will offer all the members one or more short breaks (usually 10-15 minutes each) in the middle of the event (especially in case if many members are presented). Breaks are really needed to get some rest, to organize your thoughts and impressions about people you just talk to, and to put your impressions in written form for your own later reviews. In case when not too many people are presented at the event and in case when an event is really short, host may not offer members any breaks at all.

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The beginning

All members of a speed dating event come to a specific place (restaurant/cafe/bar/cafeteria/lounge and so on) at the certain time (events’ location and time are indicated at online events’ schedule and also on the tickets).

The event host will meet you at the door, check your ticket, answer your possible questions, provide you with a personal name/number tag and with a special form – a card of your preferences – where all event’s members of the opposite sex are listed for your written comments during the event.

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When to arrive

We recommend you to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the event’s posted time to get full benefits of our events. You will get a chance to relax, to ask your possible questions about the event, and also you may want to order some drinks...

juices or coffee (if available) before our event starts (not included in a ticket’s price). Our host will show you your sit at one of the tables and invite you and other events’ attendees to start mini-dates/mini-conversations.


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Drinks and meal

Please note that food and drinks are not provided and not included in a ticket’s price. So, it is a good idea to eat before coming. However some of the venues may offer some free cakes, coffee or other beverages.



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Events process

All speed dating events’ members sit down at the table(s): men are across women. Each short conversation (approximately 4-8 minutes depending on amount of event’s members) will be interrupted by our host with a special signal reminding men to shift to the next sit (or to the next table)...

This way each man will talk to each woman. You should expect as many mini-conversations during each event as many people of opposite gender will be presented. Each member is armed with a name/number tag and a piece of paper with a list of all event’s members – a card of preferences. We recommend to use your own real names. However if you’ d like to use a NIK name instead of your real name on your tag, then you have to indicate it prior to the event in written (during the registration). If you like a person you just talk to and if you do not mind to see this person again, you circle the word “yes” across his/her tag-name/number (card of preferences). If you do not like him/her, you circle “no” or “not sure” across his/her tag-name /number. It’s a good idea to add more details of your impressions about a person you just communicated with to your card of preferences: at the end of the event it will help you to refresh your memory while you will be making your final online choices. For example, you may want to write: “Very well spoken”, or “Nice voice”, “Beautiful smile”, “Very interesting personality”, “ Just not my type”, “Sounds snobbish”, “ It was boring”, “We have a lots in common”, and so on… Please try to express your impressions about other events members the way which could not be insulting for any event’s members. We believe nobody wants to hurt anybody’s feelings: so, please make your notices the way which would be not visible or recognizable by others. You could use some unusual abbreviations, rare languages or signs which could be recognized only by you, but nobody else when you express your impressions in writing on the card of preferences. Nobody will read this card except you. However it will seriously helps you to make your final online choices at the very end of each event.

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Making final events’ choices

Right after the “today’s” event you may login into your profile account at www.myluckydate.com where you will see all the members participated in this event. Please use your “card of preferences” as a reminder of your personal impressions about each member you had a mini-date today or yesterday with

The most of events’ members do their online choices right after the event from their cell phones or other electronic devices before they even come home. Other people make their choices from their home computers. Both ways are fine. Please make your choices not later than within 24 hours since an event finishes: a list of participated members of each event will not be available for you forever and may disappear from your profile. You may choose as many people as you like. The more choices you make, the more chances to get a match you should expect. You may choose to press “ NONE” if nobody has attracted your interest.


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Nobody has attracted my interest or I got no matches

If you have made choices, however did not get any matches, it usually has nothing to do with you: it simply means that people who would be in tune with youwere absent from this event. The more events you attend, the more chances to get matches you should expect.

Our policy does not obligate us to provide our members with any discounts; however we try to do it when possible and reasonable. With MyLuckyDate.com you will receive not only information regarding your mutual matches (if any) as result of our event(s), but something more than that: on your event result’s page you will see people (right lower corner of the page) who liked you and who picked you (even not mutually). Even if you got mutual matches or especially if you did not get any matches, we recommend you to consider people who expressed their interest in you. Please read our next topic about important additional choices-opportunities of MyLuckyDate.com

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Important additional choices-opportunities of our website!

Unlike the most of our competitors, as the result of our events, MyLuckyDate provides you not only with information about your mutual matches (if any), but with something more than that.

You will have an opportunity to get and to deliver information about unmatched choices, and this information sometimes may change your life for the better. Let say, you liked someone very much and you picked this event’s participant, however he/she has not picked you. You never know for sure why this person has not picked you. It does not necessarily mean that this person does not like you. Sometimes people are just too shy and they do not think you could like them. Therefore they instinctively try to avoid any self-disappointments by just not picking you. However, if they would know that you picked them, they would be happy to pick you as well. Anyway, each MyLuckyDate speed dating events’ participant will automatically (via our program) deliver and receive information about not only mutual matches as the result of each event, but about unmatched choices as well. Dear friends! It increases your chances as well as other events participants’ chances to get an attention of someone you/they really liked. And who knows what can happen then… On your event result’s page you will see people (right lower corner of the page) who liked you and picked you (even not mutually). They will not be able to see your contact information/self-description and photo gallery unless you decided to pick them too. If you never make this decision, they never get an access to your profile’s sharable information. Even if you got mutual matches or especially if you did not get any matches, we recommend you to consider people who expressed their interest in you. Anyway, you have an access to the profiles’ shareable information of those event’s participants who liked you/picked you (even not mutually). By clicking on their photos, you will see their self-descriptions, contacts, and photo galleries. Finally, you can change your first impression about these people for the better and express your interest to them (to reciprocate). In most cases, they will even do not know if you pick them first, or if you picked them after seeing their interest to you. It’s actually not so important! The most important is what your communication creates for both of you in the nearest future... Give yourself and other people a second chance for self-expression!

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Members of our speed dating events buy tickets online only (prior to events). We do not sell tickets at the doors. Tickets must be presented at the doors to our host or representative in one of the following forms:

print-out of the ticket confirmation sent to you at the time of online payments (preferably), or presenting online tickets using screens of your electronic devices.

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Dress Code

Occasional dress code is fine. If you’d like to wear something more impressive than just occasional clothes (evening dresses/costumes), it’s fine too. However the most important is that all of our members understand and respect other members...

members’ feelings and expectations of romantic and festive events’ environment and would be dressed clean, neatly and in accordance with the venue type. Please no shorts (even in summer time), not training or swimming suits, not Halloween masks or costumes (if it’s not a special Halloween event).


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How will I know if I get any matches?

You can see all the events’ results in your profiles at www.myluckydate.com (just login into your account and take a look at the event’s results which can arrive whether right after the events or within 24 hour since it finishes).

In case of mutual choice(s), you and your match(s) get each others’ contact information in profiles at www.myluckydate.com and also you may get email’s notifications from our company. Mutual matches will also get an access to each other’s profiles shareable information (your photos, your contacts and self descriptions).

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What should I do in case of a match?

In case of match, we encourage you to contact each other shortly (preferably the following day) to offer a meeting for two of you at the nice public place for a diner or just for a cup of tea or coffee. There is no gender’s discrimination at all:

men and women may call /email each other in any sequence. However we encourage men as gentlemen to be nice and brave to do it first.



    CA,Los Alamitos,

      Tuesday,31 December 2019



    Single Professionals ages 40s - 50s women.
    Women: 35-50 years.
    Men: 0-0 years.
    Cost: 45$

    Murphy-Tavern 116 Stone Street (Between Broad St & Broadway)Sacramento 10004 This speed dating event is for single professionals ages 30s & 40s. At this event, we expect up to 10 men and 10 women to participate, and each date will be for 5 minutes. You will get your match results the next day!!!!Yes > > >